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She is the daughter of the fairy godmother and is known to be shy and insecure but is fascinated with magic even if her mother doesn t let her use it.

Disney characters jane. She has been voiced byminnie driver olivia d abo and. Jane porter is the deuteragonist of disney s 1999 film tarzan. Disney characters olu mel.

Unlike carol and the other helping hands who helped others because it s the right thing and out of kindness jane helped others to boost her image and feed her ego. She is the love interest sweetheart and eventual wife oftarzan. Jane porteris the deuteragonist of disney s1999filmtarzan its2002sequeltarzan janeand its2001 03television seriesthe legend of tarzan.

Jane danny edward nana ii lady and the tramp 1955 aunt sarah darling jim dear jock lady si and am tramp trusty. Jane is a character who appears in the sofia the first episode carol of the arrow and is the main later redeemed antagonist. School friends and plus characters pinocchio 1940 picture of the puppet pinocchio from the movie trailer for walt disney s pinocchio.

She is carol s second in command and one of her helping hands. Jane is the daughter of wendy and wendy s husband edward. Jane is the female protagonist of disney s 2002 film return to never land the sequel to the 1953 film peter pan.

These identical toys are prizes in a game of skill at the pizza planet restaurant and each one believes that the claw will somehow choose one of them to go on to a better place after being saved they become forever loyal to mr. Sep 21 2020 disney characters. Taught to never stray from goodness she is fearful of the villain kids and particularly wary of their forbidden magic but a special spell from mal changes her outlook.

Jane is a major character in the descendants franchise. She is a charismatic albeit eccentric ethnologist who travels to africa to study gorillas alongside her father archimedes q. Disney cartoon characters collection by jane norris last updated 3 weeks ago 1 75k pins 79 followers disney characters j interchangeable mouse.

When she and carol met sofia and carol. Jane also has a younger brother named danny and the family lives in london. Giffany 2 category 20 000 leagues under the sea characters 3 3rd street bandits 6 627 7 category the 7d characters 9 9 eye a category a far off place characters a b e.

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